St. Matthias' Episcopal Church
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Tag: Help Needed

  • Building and Grounds needs help!

    Building & Grounds is seeking people with the following skills to assist in addressing regular maintenance and keeping St. Matthias in good working order. If you have the time and talent in any of these areas, please reach out to Mike Vandeweghe directly or email Building & Grounds.

    • Painting
    • Light plumbing (repair inside of toilet tanks, drain cleaning, replacement of faucets, and floor drain maintenance)
    • Electrical (light electrical not requiring a license such as installing dimmers, repairing face plates for light and electrical switches and replacement of light tubes if not LED)
    • Kitchen maintenance (responsibility for the safe use of stove, ovens and dishwashers). This would be a go to person that would have knowledge of kitchen appliances and the safe use of them. This person would also monitor the propane tank and reorder gas when necessary.
    • Installation of passage locks on doors for ingress and egress.
    • Ceiling tile replacement (requires standing on 3 foot stool and accurately cutting some ceiling tile to fit existing space)
    • Driveway repair and maintenance (maintain a smooth surface and fill holes with asphalt patch before becoming too large which would require professional attention)
    • Grounds maintenance (contact Sue Baird chairman of Grounds who would like to be involved)
    • Gutter maintenance (where no guards- clean seasonally and adjust if needed) Reroute drains from Morrison Hall to underground
    • Fencing (install barriers for all HVAC compressors)
    • Handyman services: Light carpentry