St. Matthias' Episcopal Church
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Our Life Together

It is inspiring and hopeful to watch a seed planted blossom into beautiful creation! This very thing has been happening here.


In early spring, following the loss of a loved one, a member came to offer a donation on behalf of that person. As the conversation evolved, a seed began to take form. The seed was the idea of two new stained-glass windows for the top portion of the windows beside the front en- tranceway. The windows would give balance to the center window over the entrance and would complete the existing stained-glass windows on the front of the church.

Others were brought into the conversation. Remembrances, biblical verses, theology, spirituali- ty, artistic appearance, our parish identity—all of these watered the seed to help it begin to spring to life.

We sought out Andrew Goldkuhle, owner of Goldkuhle Studios, LLC. Andrew has been associat- ed or involved with the craft of stained-glass his entire life. Aside from an extensive career ini- tially in various construction fields including fine woodworking for Colonial Williamsburg and roller coaster construction for Bush Gardens, Andrew worked with his father extensively on windows at The National Cathedral. Since the passing of his father in 2009, Andrew has worked full time on many conservation projects for windows at The Washington National Cathedral, Duke University, Mercersberg Academy Irvine Chapel, Women’s Army Museum, and numerous churches in the greater Richmond area.

At the same time, Cindy Paulin was sought out as our artist in-residence, and together with Andrew, and our donor, the design of the windows began to take shape.

The seeds are nearly fully blossomed! At the end of September, we can anticipate the installation and dedication of these new windows. On September 23rd at 10AM, Andrew and Cindy will be presenting the Adult Forum to give people an idea of the scope of Andrew’s work, and to be able to answer questions anyone might have. The anticipated, but still tentative, date of the dedication is September 30th.

These new windows will offer all of us yet one more possible vehicle of spiritual connection with God. For some, the liturgy or music provide this. For others, the physical surroundings and the beauty of icons found in stained-glass point to the majesty of all of God’s creation and bring them closer to God. And for others, it can be any one of these things. Because of the generous donation given, we can further enhance people’s experiences in the realm of the Spirit – and to provide even more seeds opportunity to bloom!

Your Sister in Faith, Brenda+