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The Food Pantry has recently added a new project. We have started composting!Compost worms

Composting is the environmentally healthy practice of returning to the earth, in the form of enhanced dirt, non edible fruit and vegeta- bles. It is in line of what we are called to do as Christians.... to be good stewards of the earth and care for her creatures great and small.

The two drum composters at the church, outdoors by the Food Pan- try doors, are filled with cut up fruit and vegetables from Kroger that are not edible. Those items (green stuff) have been chopped up and added to the drums along with leaves (brown stuff) and dirt at a 1 to 3 ratio. Two of our volunteers have added worms to the mix to help with breaking down the products.

The compost is made by "cooking" the drums in the sun and turning them several times a week which advances the break down of the items inside. No meat or dairy products are added because they draw animals which we don't need or want. Depending on the sun and other factors, the compost is usually ready in 6-8 weeks, but that is not an exact science!

All compost made will be added to the existing gardens at the church and worked into the soil. It is a win-win situation for all of us, a simple, and right thing to do.