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Our Life Together

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“The Micah Initiative has been supported by the Outreach budget for 14 years. At present there are 16 dedicated volunteers, and I venture to say we all have our stories to share. One of mine is about one of my kindergarteners. I normally go to John B. Cary on Mondays, but one week I was unable to go on Monday, so I went later in the week. As I was walking down the hall, one of the students stopped me and said, "You were supposed to be here Monday." This little girl let me know that they count on our presence. The Micah Program is all about being a constant in these children's lives. So many of them come from chaotic backgrounds and need someone they can rely on. Yes, we buy school supplies, tutor, mentor, and serve in many other ways. But most importantly, we are there to let them know we care, to be a constant in their lives.”

Janice Dial