St. Matthias' Episcopal Church
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Vestry & Parish Officers

Commissions, Ministries, and Committees 

Barbara Stout sm

Adult Education – Barbara Stout

Class Organizers: Mark & Marilynn Swenson, Merriann Clark, Ned Armstrong, Barbara Stout

Kerygma classes, EFM, Adult Forum, Men’s Group, Bible Study, College & Young Adult Ministries

You can contact Adult Education by emailing them here.

Jonathan Hawkins sm

Buildings & Grounds – Jonathan Hawkins

Commission Heads: Mark Kirkpatrick; Commission Member: Bro. Mark Jenkins, Tom Napier

Maintenance of building, grounds, parking lots, and equipment; Memorial Gardens, cleaning, Work Days, form and manage project groups

You can contact Buildings & Grounds by emailing them here.

Bill Oglesby sm

Christian Formation for Children & Youth – Bill Oglesby

Commission Heads: Kristen Ketron

Nursery through 12th Grade; Sunday School Curriculum; Youth Group; Outreach & Youth Fellowship Activities

You can contact Children & Youth by emailing them here.

Rev Brenda sm

Communications – Rev. Brenda Overfield

Commission Heads: Staff

Website, Bulletin, Channel, Sound System, Facebook and other electronic media, Announcements on Parish call-in number, notices, etc.

You can contact Communications by emailing them here.

Michelle Henry sm

Fellowship – Michelle Henry, Junior Warden

Commission Heads: Meg Griffin, Beverly Norman; Progressive Dinner - Bree and Justin Cox; Cultural Series - John Murdock

Hospitality for events, Progressive Dinner, Parish Picnic, Pig Roast, Supper Club, Welcome & Hospitality

You can contact Fellowship by emailing them here.

Jeff Burke sm

Finance – Jeff Burke, Senior Warden

Commission Chair: Buck Flournoy

Finance Committee, Endowment Commission

You can contact the Finance by emailing them here.

Ann Tobias

Membership – Ann Tobias

Commission Heads: Lou Montgomery and Ellen Whitehead

Newcomers, Greeters, lapsed members, telephone tree, name tags, Friday Night Cheers, marketing, Commission Fair, Wine & Cheese Gatherings

You can contact Membership by emailing them here.

Zack Lowe

Outreach – Zachary Lowe

Commission Head: Jane Griffin

Food Pantry, CARITAS, Kairos, Christmas Mother, Micah, Lesana, Shelter Feeding, Habitat, etc.

You can contact Outreach by emailing them here.

Kathy Greatwood

Pastoral Ministries – Kathy Greatwood

Commission Head: The Rev. Brenda Overfield

Stephen Ministers, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Liturgical Ministers, Healing Ministers

You can contact Outreach by emailing them here.

Hap Reisch

Stewardship – Hap Reisch

Commission Head: Darlene Kirkpatrick

Annual Giving, Stewardship, Comprehensive Campaign

You can contact Stewardship by emailing them here.

Rev Brenda sm

Worship – Rev. Brenda Overfield

Music & Choir, Acolytes, Acolyte Scheduling, Chalicers, Lay Readers & Youth Readers, Ushers & Offering ministers, Seasonal & special service planning, Weddings & Funerals, Altar Guild, Flower Guild, Children’s Liturgy

You can contact Rev. Overfield by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

eucharistic ministers

The Vestry is chaired by the rector and served by nine members, who are elected by the congregation to oversee the well being of the parish. The vestry is organized to reflect the mission and vision of the church and each vestry member has an area of responsibility. The vestry is assisted by the treasurer, the register, and the staff of the church. The work of the vestry is governed by the Canons of the Episcopal Church.

Vestry Liaisons are the fundamental link between the people of our church who are doing the many kinds of service, teaching, learning, prayer and fellowship, and the Vestry. The Vestry can perform its work best when it is informed about what is happening and what the needs are. It is critical for Vestry Members to have strong communication with the committees and groups that make up our Church. The Vestry Liaison helps ensure communications between the Committee and the Vestry, and between Committees and the Congregation. The Vestry Liaison fosters leadership and leadership training in the Church. Liaisons share the highlights of what they’ve learned with the Vestry.

Each Vestry Member should be a liaison with at least one of the Church Committees. Each year, the Senior Warden shall appoint Vestry Liaisons for each major (as defined by the Vestry Chair) Commission, ministry, or committee. The Senior Warden shall review liaison appointments with each Vestry Member prior to the formal appointment.

Roles and responsibilities as a Vestry Liaison:

  • Be a source of support to the leadership of the assigned area of ministry. Provide information on church policies, Vestry goals, decisions, coach and mentor the leadership, and be a source of information and counseling.
  • Keep the Vestry apprised of committee activities at each Vestry meeting. Vestry liaisons are encouraged to work with the Committee Chairs in keeping the Congregation aware of their activities
  • Assist the Committee Chair in developing the committee mission statement, and objectives in support of the Church’s Vision statement and strategic plan.
  • Be cognizant of the activities of the assigned area of ministry. Meet with the leader to ascertain progress, accomplishments, and problem areas, attend committee meetings, and be familiar with budget and expenditures.
  • Encourage leader of the assigned area of ministry to practice good stewardship of resources monetary as well as people supporting the ministry. Specifically, make sure the leader is aware of budget, expenditures, and financial status.
  • Be the advocate to the Vestry for assigned area of ministry. Communicate status, progress, accomplishments, significant problems, and needs on a regular basis, i.e., at least quarterly. Urgent matters should be addressed more frequently with the Rector, Senior Warden, and Vestry.
  • Permit leaders to take charge, make decisions, and carry out the leadership role. The Vestry liaison role is characterized by good communication, support, coaching, and mentoring.

Parish Officers

Finance: Buck Flournoy
Treasurer: Frank Warren
Asst. Treasurer: Andrea Larkin
Finance/Pledge Assistant: Nancy Foster
Recording Secretary & Registrar: Mark Jenkins, CFC