St. Matthias' Episcopal Church
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COVID-19 Updates

Beloved in Christ,

At the direction of Bishop Haynes, ALL church events, including services, will be cancelled for the next two weeks effective immediately due to concerns pertaining to COVID-19. This is simply out of an abundance of caution. It is also in keeping with Paul's writings in Corinthians to be aware of and protective towards the most vulnerable among us. This closure will be in effect for the next two weeks at a minimum. Bishop Haynes will reassess the situation after March 26th. I am presently looking into a way to livestream Morning Prayer on the 2 Sundays we will be unable to gather in person. We will have further communication in that regard as soon as we know more.

Please be aware, NO ONE will be able to enter the buildings until at least March 26th. All key cards and access will be disabled. This is for everyone's safety.

This is an unprecedented time in history for us all. I would ask us all to be mindful of a few things as we go through this together:

Fear is not of God. Jesus is most frequently quoted as saying, "do not be afraid". If this is true, and it is, we can simply rest in that, and ask God for peace and direction in all we do. It is also helpful to remember that 90% of what we imagine or worry about never really happens.

Unity, holy solidarity, is our highest goal. Jesus prays that we all may be one as He and the Father are one. In this time -though human nature is to react in "survival mode" thinking of ourselves- we must remember we are all dependent upon one another to get through times such as these in the best way possible. Please support each other, your neighbors, and all you encounter. Remain faithful in prayer.

Please feel free to respond to me with any questions or helpful suggestions that will be helpful to everyone: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The staff and I will continue to work from home and are available to be of service and assistance to everyone. Please do not hesitate to contact any one of us.

We are attaching a direct link to Bishop Susan's notice should you wish to read that as well.

Please know and be assured of my prayers for all of you each day we are apart, one from another. Please pray for the good people of St. Matthias as well as our many neighbors and those affected by this illness.