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Adjusting to college life often means dealing with many things for the first time — all at the same time: learning to live with roommates, handling finances, taking care of household chores, interacting with people from other cultures with other beliefs,trying out romantic partnerships. This is in addition to new academic demands, such as learning how to study effectively, getting work done on time, and navigating the bureaucracy of a big institution. And even those who are not freshmen still have many ‘new’ things to take care of and get used to. 

Through these tasks, college students learn how they respond to life’s daily challenges and find the social and emotional support they need from the campus community, friends, and you — their family — to make their way.

College students are navigators in the difficult waters that separate adolescence from adulthood. As they take more responsibility for their daily lives and develop life skills that are as vital as any academic coursework, it’s important that they have a reliable source of support.

Parents provide much of this support. But it always helpful to have a wider network of encouragement. That is why we are creating a college ministry at St. Matthias. We hope to provide care packages, special events during college breaks, cards and letters from our congregation and encouraging emails. We would like to include the whole parish in this ministry, so let me know if you and/or your ministry group would be interested in participating. And if you have a college student, please make sure to provide me with their name, email address, an updated mailing address, cell phone and birthday.

One thing is for certain – the surest way we can ALL support these young adults is by holding them up in prayer. So please keep these students in your continuous prayers: Trenton Morris, Truman Morris, Daniel Newsom, Eva Tyler, Claudia Reinhardt, Grace Doebler, Kate Reid, Madison Haske, Jenna Johnson, Keene Mendenhall, Lillian Boone, Savannah Isenberg, Juliana Doebler, Cameron Hawkins, Reid Kirtley, Evan Morrison, Wade Pearrell, Jack Wynne, Michael Buleza, Tori Buckner, Shannon Larkin, Adriane Vaughan, Adrienna Alexander, Anne Clarke Vandeweghe, Sam Reid,Luke Jefferson, Grace Jefferson, David Henry, Colin Greatwood, Miles Greatwood, Alissa Doebler, and Elizabeth Buckner.

Kristen Ketron